Interview with Leif Stavostrand - CEO of EVOY, The Tesla of the Boating Industry

Watch our newest episode on "The Future of the Industry" Series with Shlomie Singer hosting Leif A. Stavøstrand - CEO of Evoy. Together they explore the hashtag#maritime industry, clean hashtag#energy and hashtag#blue solutions, and even the hashtag#Scandinavian focus on hashtag#sustainability, as an economic opportunity.

Evoy, often called, The Tesla of the Boating Industry has won a world record for the fastest boat at 55 knots - 100 Kmh. The company has also been selected as a top 3 company for the 2019 Environmental-Tech DRIV PRIZE.

And for those of you who are interested in a specific topic, here's a list of the video timeline: 02:00min - How did Leif come up with the idea of creating electric boats?

03:00min - What are the benefits of electric propulsion?

06:16min - The global shift to clean energy and blue opportunities.

08:15min - How to push a more sustainable approach in the maritime industry?

10:20min - The market of electric boats.

15:30min - Where does Leif see the industry heading?

18:83min - How can the entire industry co-operate to bring people back to the water while promoting a green agenda?


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