Boating is a Community – Interview with Skip Sorenson CEO at Century Boats

Skip Sorenson is a fourth-generation shipbuilder and has years of experience leading both public and private companies as a CEO and CFO.
His multidimensional experience encompasses Shipbuilding, Aerospace and Defense, Technology, Industrial, Broadcasting, and Service industries.
Besides being the CEO of Century Boats, today Skip is also a Managing Partner at Anchors Aweigh Capital, a Managing Partner at United Executive Agency, and the CEO Club Yacht Charter.

Skip’s journey with the boating industry started back in his college days when he spent his last summer working in a shipyard as a mechanic. He immediately fell in love with the work and he decided to give up his banking career and follow his family’s footsteps.

In a short conversation regarding the boating industry during COVID-19, Skip says boating activities has skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic since it’s a great way to spend time with friends and family without taking any unnecessary risks.

Skip believes that in order to bring the boating industry to the forefront, there must be a mind shift. The focus needs to be on the customer experience, we need to understand how to make boating more accessible and less costly for customers.

Join Shlomie to get a deeper understanding of where the future of boating is going, the importance of customer experience, the impact millennials have on the industry, and how despite COVID19 boat sales are booming.

Are there any boating activities due to COVID-19? (1:23)
Boating as the ideal vacation. (
Skip’s family history as shipbuilders. (
What drove Skip into investment banking? (
What are the main changes he experienced in the boating industry? (
What do the maritime industry leaders need to do in order to bring the industry to the forefront? (
How can we draw the younger generation to take part in boating activities? (
How can the industry contribute to the aspect of environmental concerns? (
Where is the maritime industry going in the next 5 years? (
Advice for someone who wants to start their career in the boating industry. (

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